Bitcoin is going
to the Moon.

In January 2024, BitMEX and Astrobotic are planning to send a unique physical Bitcoin to the Moon. The private key, safeguarding access to this Bitcoin, will remain on the lunar surface, awaiting retrieval by future explorers.

Public Address:


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Join us in celebrating Bitcoin's lasting impact upon the world.

The PAyloAd.

The coin will be a registered payload on the Peregrine-1 manifest, and will remain in situ on the Moon’s surface until any enterprising soul goes to collect it. It will have a public vanity address allowing anyone interested to witness its redemption or add some Sats if you’re feeling generous.

Peregrine-1 Lander

The LAmbo.

Peregrine-1 is Astrobotic's first commercial lunar lander due to launch in January 2024. It’s another giant leap in space travel and marks the first Western soft landing on the Moon since NASA's Apollo missions of the 1960s and ‘70s. The payload is occupying an official slot on the manifest. It will be the first-ever bitcoin to be on the surface of the Moon, with photographic evidence taken to prove it!

We're Getting PhysicAl.

A one-of-a-kind physical coin marks this momentous event. One side dedicated to the triumphs of aerospace, the other to crypto. Capturing this historic moment in time, the coin shows the current Bitcoin hashrate, the year, and a quote from Satoshi Nakamoto.

Only one coin will be sent to the Moon, but a limited edition series of Bitcoin-loaded commemorative coins will be made available on Earth before the launch.

When the physical coin lands, it will remain on the Moon until anyone deems it worthy of retrieval. Decades from now, what will it be worth?

Man holding up the physical coin in an Astrobotic lab

This project underlines BitMEX's faith in the resiliency of the Bitcoin Protocol and ensures this world-changing cryptocurrency will be a part of this historic journey.  It will be a time capsule that captures one of the most significant inventions in recent history, perfectly preserved for future generations.

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